The Etched Tales

Etched_Cover_for_Kindle   my hushed

Etched (Volume 1)

She was found abandoned. Her name forgotten. Her memory taken.

In a decaying world ravaged by an untamable forest, seventeen-year-old Basil had a comfortably secluded life. She lived by a few essential rules, NEVER cross into the forbidden wing of the Manor, do not trust any OUTSIDERS, and to ALWAYS keep her etching covered.
Ever since she had been discovered, Basil always followed these rules…until, her etching begins to burn, memories start rushing back, and a silver-eyed boy, an outsider, appears.
Basil soon uncovers why these whispered regulations were put into effect, not only to protect her but everyone around her.

Hushed (Volume 2)

She’s being hunted. She has to hide. She can’t exist.

Given is relieved when Basil is placed into Janie’s care. Now he can keep her safe. Keep her protected. Keep her with him. But Given also knows his world is lawless ~ filled with angry, untrusting, and desperate people that would do anything to survive. Staying under the radar of them and the men in the pinstriped suits becomes more difficult when new memories surface, strange abilities emerge, and Basil’s sanity begins to waver.

In the heart-pounding conclusion to The Etched Tales, Given and Basil will discover their pasts are more entwined than they ever could have imagined, putting them in even greater danger.

*Featured Image by Frank Stone*

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