My New YA Novella: Idiosyncratic!


A novella for young adults with a sci-fi, dieselpunk, non-space odyssey edge.

lighter idio - Copy

“Humans were legends—lies. They were whispered about in fanciful fables. Some say they hid in the toxic forest, warring with the Astronauts for territory. They were more feared than the Astronauts, probably because they’d never been seen. Humans were said to lurk among the poisonous gases of the forest…because they were the essence of venom.”


Astronaut attacks. Child kingpins. Demeaning auctions. Les’ette has battled it all for years during her time on the Orphan Train. Aging out of this nightmare is the only goal that hasn’t fallen apart. That is, until she is sold to a mad scientist.
If her new owner isn’t pleased with her work, thinks she is using her defect to con him, or finally loses his mind, Les’ette just might become his next lab rat.
With Dr. Upton employed by the global government, Les’ette is pulled even further into the clutches of the Federation.

Ebook Now Available!

Paperback Coming Soon!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Rosalinda says:

    Love the cover! The story is amazing! I can’t wait to buy it and read it again!

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