The Car Crash

My seatbelt failed, and my body flew through my windshield. Much like this wreak, my arms couldn’t respond fast enough. I couldn’t swerve away from the truck that ran the red light, and I couldn’t block my face as it collided with glass.

I felt the coolness of liquid as I was thrust into the harsh night air, but not the wounds. The shock processed my failing limbs in slow motion, noticing each detail. My shoulder hit the concert first and I rolled over myself. Turning, turning, everything was spinning. I finally skidded to a stop, cold dirt pressing into my stomach and cheek.

There was screaming in the distance, beating reality into me. The agony hit me all at once, flooding and overwhelming my entire being. The sirens in the distance promised me relief.

I couldn’t move, forced to stay were I was. I hoped for this pain to be silenced soon.


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