The Air Formulas on Goodreads

Thank you to all who have stuck it out with me for this story. I’m happy to report that I’ve been making great strides with it. I have made it available on Goodreads to add to your bookshelves! I really want to publish this story traditionally, but everything is still in the air at this point. For the lasts news about The Air Formulas, please follow my Instagram account @BrittNunes. You can also get a sneak peek into this world through it’s Pinterest board (Public Safety Announcements) and listen to the Universe Soundtrack on Spotify (The Air Formulas Universe Soundtrack)

Short Synopsis for The Air Formulas:

Earth’s vegetation has nearly been obliterated. After decades of air wars, gravity divisions, starvation, and hazardous pollution levels, a city was assembled out of the havoc. Sparrow is one of many vessels implanted with an oxygen producing plant used to keep this cobbled together metropolis afloat. But Sparrow’s mind-inventions grow beyond the facility she’s lived all her life…

EMERGENCY BULLETIN: Don’t forget your JETPACK for this YA, urban scifi novel with a steampunk edge.
This story is under construction. Help support by adding it to your TBR list.

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