My First Audiobook!

I keep thinking of a way to write this. All my words I string together seem cliché and overused like, “I never thought I’d see this day” or “I’m so excited…”. Being that I overthink…a lot! I keep thinking I’m supposed to make it gimmicky, advertisement like. But I’m not much of a salesman (saleswoman?), so I’d figure I would just be candid instead.

A few weeks ago, my dream of hearing one of my books transformed into an audiobook just came true! (Ugh, stupid cliché you showed up again!) I was able to work with an amazing producer, Danielle Butcher, for this project. Danielle did a wonderful job portraying my dystopian, post-apocalyptic world! What I love most about her performance is her attention to making each character unique! She gave a different but very welcomed flare to some of my beloved characters (I’m looking at you Bobby!) and kept true to the tone of the story (Oh Basil…I love you so much :”> ). I hope you enjoy this edition of Etched (The Etched Tales, #1) as much as I did!


Not a member of Audible? Click HERE to listen to Etched for free!

Available on Amazon and iTunes too!

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