Allie Kat loves cats. This is her first book. She is a young author, within her target audience young. Her love for adventures has drawn her to make Matzu come to life, with an adventurous life just like hers. Please stay tuned with what happens with Matzu in the next book in this Series.

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When a black jaguar named Matzu loses his family all in one day, he is devastated. Yet he is not out to seek revenge on the wolves. Instead, he takes action to prevent another devastating blow. To unite the jungle against another threat…The hairless ones. Will he and the jungle learn how to survive? Or are they doomed for disaster?


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James Hart has always enjoyed bringing a smile to people’s faces and making them laugh, whether it would be his brothers and sisters or others he just met. He also enjoys sharing a good story. That, combined with a fascination of the concept and complexities of time travel and the idea of actually being able to publish an original story that people would enjoy and keep them guessing, inspired the writing of this book. He has been told that he should write a book, so here it is. He’s had a lot going on in his head for years, so why not put it down on paper! He really hopes you enjoy reading this story as much as he enjoyed sharing it with you. But his head isn’t empty yet. There’s already a sequel floating around somewhere in there that he hopes to put on paper as well. If you enjoy this story he is sure you will enjoy that one too. Happy reading!


Max Hartley always did have a problem with the speed of time. Yet he had a good life and was raised in a loving home. His younger brother was his best friend. He had a sharp mind and a beautiful wife who loved him dearly. It seemed his life was in order. But past tragedies and a desire for a secure future move him to use his intellect to develop time travel. When he travels forward to 2017 he finds the future is not what he expected. With some amusing interactions and shocking discoveries along the way, he is forced to rethink his understanding of the rules of time and to question whether he has caused more harm than good. Ultimately he is forced to decide who in his family will live and who will die.

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