Nautical Crusade Dynasty

A fantasy/sci-fi steampunk series about a water world where the war between the Sky and Sea will never end. Journey along with Stella and Hiroto, the “legendary” Siren & Samurai, as they try to survive in the midst of a warzone, chronicled in short episodic stories.

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Nautical Crusade Dynasty #1: Luminescent Tentacles & Oaths 

The war between those of the Sky Empire and those of the Sea Kingdom is as old as this world of endless water itself, and Stella is trapped inside its deadly confines. Stella finally agrees to her highly anticipated betrothal with the most promising leviathan mech fighter. This fighter, a military hero, has an alarming amount of blood on his hands. She isn’t after his title, but something more dangerous. Stella’s plan may give her the absolution she’s been searching for, or she may end up losing her life for nothing.